Skin Grafting

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Skin grafting is a type of graft surgery which involves transplanting healthy skin (graft) from one part of the body to another.

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If you want to recover the protective layer of your skin that may have been lost due to major injury, wound, illness, or burns, then skin grafting is an option for you. Skin grafting also helps to improve scar marks. So, many people prefer doing skin grafting to conceal scars as well.

Dr. Hiren Bhatt, a Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon of NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara performs skin grafting to improve the appearance of the skin that has been affected due to the above reasons.


What Is Skin Grafting?


Skin grafting is a surgical procedure that involves removing skin from one area of the body (the donor site) and placing it over the affected area of the body.

Types Of Skin Grafting

  • Split-thickness grafts: Split thickness graft means only the top two layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) will be taken for grafting. These grafts are usually taken from the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. As the split-thickness grafts give a smooth, shiny appearance, they are usually used to cover large areas.

  • Full-thickness grafts: Full-thickness graft means all layers of the skin are removed from the donor site. Donor sites for full-thickness grafts are abdomen, groin, or forearms. These grafts are generally used to cover smaller wounds, injuries as they are smaller pieces of the skin. Full-thickness grafts blend very well with the skin and give better cosmetic outcome when compared to split-thickness grafts. That is why, full-thickness grafts are used for more visible parts of the body such as the face.

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Hiren Bhatt?


Consultation is an important step in this whole procedure. For a consultation, you will meet Dr. Hiren Bhatt, NVYA Aesthetics' expert and reconstructive surgeon. He will guide you through the whole procedure.

In the consultation, Dr.Bhatt will discuss your reasons for receiving skin graft surgery, the type of grafting suitable for you, and the selection of the donor site.

Dr. Hiren Bhatt will also discuss all aspects of surgery with you, if expectations or goals you have set in mind are achievable, how to prepare for the surgery, risks or complications that may arise, tips and suggestions for speedy recovery etc. Make sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure and to clarify all your doubts.

What To Expect Before Skin Grafting?

  • Dr. Hiren Bhatt will discuss your medical history. Also, he will make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the surgery.
  • You will be asked to provide information about the medications you take. You will receive specific instructions regarding the same from the doctor.
  • You will also receive guidelines for eating, drinking, and smoking from the doctor several days before. Make sure to follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by the doctor to avoid any risks and complications during the surgery and for a safe recovery.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used For Skin Grafting?


General anesthesia is used for most skin grafts.

How Is Skin Grafting Performed At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara?

  • An IV line is put in your hand to deliver fluids and medicines.
  • After giving anesthesia, the doctor removes the scar tissue by making an incision around it.
  • Then the skin is removed from the donor site as needed and is placed over the transplant area.
  • If split-thickness grafts are used then the doctor may stretch it by punching several tiny holes in the graft to use a lesser amount of graft from the donor site and to avoid fluid collection under the skin graft.
  • The doctor will use sutures to close the donate site if a full-thickness graft is taken. However, if a split-thickness graft is taken then the site will be left open to heal naturally. The dressing will be done to cover and protect it from the infection.

How Is Recovery After Skin Grafting?

  • You will be given painkillers to deal with pain. Depending upon your condition, the doctor will decide your stay in the hospital.
  • You will be given specific instructions about how to take care of donor and graft sites, how to protect them from infection etc. Make sure you follow them.
  • There will be bruising, redness, and swelling at the repair site. That will subside once the healing process begins.
  • The donor site will recover faster than the graft site. Generally, for 3-4 weeks you will be asked to avoid strenuous physical activities. All the specific instructions and guidelines will be provided by the doctor as per your condition and needs.

What Are The Risks And Complications Associated With Skin Grafting?

  • Infection, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding may occur during skin grafting like any other major surgery.
  • There is a possibility that nerves and blood vessels at the repair and donor sites may get damaged.
  • The appearance of the skin may not improve at the repair site.
  • There is a possibility of partial or total graft loss.

Please keep this in mind that all these risks and complications are rare and would not occur in one patient. Dr. Hiren Bhatt considers the safety of his patients the topmost priority and takes utmost care to avoid any risks or complications.

What To Expect From Skin Grafting?


Skin grafting is an effective way to repair and improve the appearance of the skin in the affected area. The skin graft improves the appearance of scars and other such elements, making them less visible. After swelling and bruising subside, you will see the final results. It may happen that the appearance of the skin may not fulfill your expectations; in that case, you may need additional procedures.

In case you have queries regarding this or any other procedures, we welcome you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hiren Bhatt where he will expertly guide you on the matter.

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