Brighten Your Eyes: Effective Treatments for Dark Circles

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Dark circles can often hamper the appearance of the person and make them look tired and aged. Under-eye dark circle treatments like chemical peels, microcurrents, and topical treatments can help counter this issue for a radiant and youthful look.

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What Are Dark Circles?


The skin under the eye is thin and fragile. It is more prone to be affected by pigmentation, ageing, and other such factors. Generally, due to various reasons, a grayish or dark shadow appears under the eyes. This region looks distinctly different from the rest of the skin on the face. This darkening of the under-eyes is not a medical issue but often can hamper the appearance of an individual. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya, explains that improving its appearance helps to achieve a fresh and clean look that does not make one look ill, tired, or haggard.

There are various treatments available at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara in order to lighten the dark under-eye circles and restore a fresh and youthful look.

What Are The Reasons For Dark Circles?


The blood supply to the eyelid skin is very rich and made of fine tiny vessels. The fact that the lid skin is very thin and transparent, makes the area darker than the surrounding skin due to many reasons. Some of these reasons involve:

  • Irregular sleeping
  • habits
  • Smoking
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive screen time
  • Increased intake of caffeinated beverages
  • Sun exposure without proper care
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Ageing
  • Heredity

These are some of the most common reasons for dark under-eye circles. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya at NVYA Aesthetics makes sure to understand the reason behind the issue at hand. This is the main reason she pays a lot of attention during the consultation.

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Krishi Mandaliya?


At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara consultation is of utmost importance before diving into any procedure. During a consultation with Dr. Krishi Mandaliya, she makes sure that she understands the needs and requirements of the patients.

She guides them through the entire procedure and explains everything in detail. This helps the patients in making an informed decision regarding the procedure.

She also urges his patients to ask as many questions as they want to achieve complete clarity. NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara strongly believes in transparency and hence we explain everything related to the procedure including the achievable result.

A consultation can be a vital moment before any procedure as the patient can analyze his or her comfort level with the doctor and understand all the aspects which entail the procedure.

What Are The Different Treatment Options For Dark Circles?


At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, these are the treatments available for dark circles:

Chemical Peels (AHA)

A chemical peel is a treatment in which a chemical solution is used to improve the texture and tone of the skin by ‘peeling the damaged outer layers’. Glycolic Acid (AHA) peel is used at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara in order to treat dark circles.

A chemical peel is an outpatient procedure. Before getting skin peel treatment, some people need to follow an instructed precaution of 2 to 4 weeks, which leads to better results.

No anesthetic is required for the procedure as it is a non-invasive procedure.

The recovery after the procedure varies from person to person. Absolute care must be taken after the procedure and the doctor’s instruction must be followed to the word.

Microcurrent treatment

Microcurrent treatment at NVYA Aesthetics not only helps to eliminate the dark circles but also the puffiness around the eyes which often accompanies age. It works on the principle of transferring blood and nutrients to the affected area in order to improve the appearance and make the under eyes look youthful and even-toned.

In this treatment, microcurrent is often used along with vibration in order to reach deeper into the skin layers. This promotes increased collagen which in turn speeds up the healing procedure.

Topical Treatments

Under-eye dark circles can also be reduced with the help of different topical treatments. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya will prescribe certain under-eye pigment reduction creams and will provide instructions on how and when to use them. These creams need to be used consistently as and when told by the aesthetic doctor and skin expert.

How Many Sessions Are Required For Dark Circle Reduction?


The sessions required greatly depend upon the severity of the issue at hand, the type of treatment that is chosen, and other such factors.

However, on average, we advise 15 sessions with an interval of 4 days between two sessions. Each session generally lasts for about 30 minutes. You can go back to your routine after the sessions. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya advises you to use a good quality sunscreen of more than 15 SPF in order to retain the results of the treatment.

How To Prevent Recurrence Of Dark Circles?


One of the biggest worries many patients carry in their minds is what if dark circles return even after the treatment. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya ensures that she instructs you on all the aftercare like using a strong SPF, using certain topical creams, changing the lifestyle, etc, in order to maintain the results of the treatment.

Following all of his instructions to the word will help you in maintaining the results of the treatment as well as stop the dark circles from recurring.

What Are The Risks Associated With Under Eye Treatments?


These are some of the rare risks associated with under eye treatments:

Temporary irritation under the eyes Puffiness that often subsides away These risks are temporary. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya takes utmost care so as to avoid these risks from turning into reality.

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In case you have queries regarding this or any other procedures, we welcome you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Krishi Mandaliya at NVYA Aesthetics in Vadodara where she will expertly guide you on the matter.

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