Youthful Contours and Face Tightening with Facelift Surgery: Explained

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At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, Facelift surgery is performed to treat visible signs of aging in the face and neck.

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Skin starts losing its elasticity especially in the face and neck area as you age which leads to sagging, folds of skin, wrinkles, developing jowls in the cheek and neck area, loose skin etc.

Along with aging, there are other factors also who contribute to the unflattering changes and aged appearance of the face. These factors are thinning of the skin, sun damage, gravity, loss or falling of facial fat, smoking, stress etc,

Dr. Hiren Bhatt of NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, a Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon performs facelift, a cosmetic procedure, that helps to reduce these signs and restore youthful contours of the face.


What Is A Facelift?


A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that tightens and lifts the facial tissues along with removing loose and excess skin and smoothing out folds. This surgery is performed on the face, the neck, or both.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Facelift?


Dr. Hiren Bhatt, Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, has provided guidelines for people who want to receive this surgery.

  • The candidate should be overall healthy physically and mentally.
  • The candidate should not have any serious medical conditions which may interfere with wound healing and recovery.
  • The candidate should be a non-smoker or ready to quit smoking for the time period prescribed by Dr. Hiren Bhatt.
  • The candidate should have realistic expectations from the surgery.

If you fit into the above criteria, then you are a good candidate to receive a facelift.

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Hiren Bhatt?


The consultation is an important stage of the whole procedure as it gives you a chance to analyze and evaluate the doctor, services you are getting, your comfort level, and all aspects of the surgery.

You will meet Dr. Hiren Bhatt, our expert and reconstructive surgeon, during your consultation where he will guide you through the whole procedure and will discuss all its aspects with you.

During the consultation, Dr. Bhatt will make sure that he understands your requirements and needs and then will discuss whether your goals and expectations from this surgery are realistic and achievable. He also urges his patients to ask as many questions as they want; so, make sure to resolve any doubts you have regarding this procedure, results etc.

Dr. Bhatt will also assist you in matters like what this whole procedure entails, how you should prepare for the surgery, technical and important details about the surgery, risks and complications that may arise during the procedure, recovery period, suggestions for your comfortable and speedy recovery etc.

What To Expect Before Facelift?

  • You will need to discuss your medical history with Dr. Hiren Bhatt. Along with your medical history, Dr. Bhatt will also make sure that you do not have medical conditions which will increase complications during the surgery.
  • You will be asked to avoid certain medications like blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin etc.
  • You will be required to quit smoking for the time period prescribed by Dr. Bhatt.
  • The doctor will examine your face to check its shape, structure, quality of the skin, fat quantity to determine how to go about the surgery. Also, the pictures may be taken for comparison purposes and medical records.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used For Facelift?


For a facelift, either general anesthesia or local anesthesia paired with sedation is given depending upon the patient.

How Is Facelift Performed At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara?

  • The surgery begins with making an incision near the temples in the hairline. This incision continues in front of the ear, hugging the earlobe and then behind the ears, in the lower scalp.
  • If the patient needs a mini facelift due to minimal sagging or less skin relaxation, then a mini facelift is done. A mini facelift involves a shorter or limited incision that begins in the hairline and continues around the ear but does not extend beyond that.
  • While doing a neck lift, the incision starts in the front of the earlobe and continues till the lower scalp. A small incision is made under the chin also.
  • During the procedure, underlying facial muscles and connective tissues are tightened and excess fat and loose skin are removed from the face.
  • The incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. Sometimes even skin glues are also used to close these incisions.

How Is Recovery After Facelift?

  • The doctor will prescribe painkillers to minimize your pain and also, you will be given specific instructions on taking care of surgical sites and general health during the recovery period.
  • You may have bandages wrapping your face to deal with swelling and bruising. Also, a surgical tube is used to minimize swelling and to drain excess blood.
  • After a few days, bandages will be changed or you may even be able to switch to an elasticized facial sling.
  • Permanent scarring will be there; however, these scars will be in the hairline and therefore not visible.
  • If dissolvable sutures are not used, then you have to go back to the doctor to remove sutures.
  • You will be asked to avoid vigorous physical activities and direct sun exposure during this period.
  • Please do follow check-ups as planned.

What Are The Risks And Complications Associated With Facelift?

  • Hematoma is a common complication of facelift surgery. Hematoma is basically a collection of blood under the skin which results in swelling.
  • A hematoma usually occurs within 24 hours of the surgery and if treated promptly does not damage skin and tissues.
  • Infection, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding may occur during facelift like any other major surgery.
  • Nerve injury is also a risk that may occur. If nerve injuries happen, it may temporarily or permanently cause damage or affect nerves that control muscles, sensation etc.
  • Sloughing may occur as a result of the surgery. Sloughing is basically skin loss which occurs due to poor blood supply to the facial tissues.
  • Temporary or permanent hair loss may occur at the incision sites.

Please keep this in mind that all these risks and complications are rare and would not occur in one patient. Dr. Hiren Bhatt considers the safety of his patients the topmost priority and takes utmost care to avoid any risks or complications.

What To Expect From Facelift Surgery?


After swelling and bruising subside, you will see the final results. A facelift will give you a perfectly shaped and contoured face. It will disguise signs of aging and will restore your youthful appearance.

The results last for a long time but they are not permanent. Factors like aging, weight fluctuation will affect the final results. Having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of skin may help you in prolonging the results.

A facelift is a restorative procedure; so, it will not stop aging or will give you an entirely new look. There are chances that you may not be satisfied with the final result and in that case, you may have to go for additional procedures to achieve desirable results.

In case you have queries regarding this or any other procedures, we welcome you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hiren Bhatt where he will expertly guide you on the matter.

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In case you have queries regarding this or any other procedures, we welcome you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hiren Bhatt at NVYA Aesthetics in Vadodara where he will expertly guide you on the matter.

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