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At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, we offer skin brightening treatments that deal with various issues such as hyperpigmentation, suntan, blemishes, age spots and give you bright, beautiful skin.

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Immense pollution, hectic lifestyle, and other factors such as stress affect our skin more than we realize. Due to these factors, the skin looks tired, dull, starts aging faster and achieving glowy, beautiful skin feels like an impossible dream.

However, having bright, glowing, beautiful skin is not a dream anymore because now NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, is offering various skin brightening treatments to help you achieve beautiful, radiant, and flawless skin. As these treatments do not include any major surgeries and heavy procedures, you can relax, get any treatment as per your needs, and flaunt your dream-like skin!


What is Skin Brightening?


Skin brightening is a treatment that aims to remove the damaged upper layer of the skin, reduce signs of aging, pigmentation, and other such skin concerns and restore natural glow and radiance to the skin.

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Krishi Manadaliya?


You will meet NVYA Aesthetics expert Dr. Krishi Mandaliya, during your consultation. Dr. Krishi Mandaliya will guide you through the whole procedure and all aspects of it. She will try to understand your reasons for receiving the treatment, goals or expectations you have from this treatment, and any concerns you may have.

She will help you to have realistic and achievable expectations from the treatment, will resolve any doubts or queries you may have as she gives utmost importance to the consultation to analyze every aspect and issue to deliver the best results as her ultimate priority lies in the satisfaction of the patient.

Which type of skin brightening techniques are used at NVYA?


NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara offers minimally invasive yet effective skin brightening treatments such as Skin Polishing, Chemical Peels, Glutathione Injection Therapy, and Juvederm Volite that give amazing results for your skin concerns.

How is skin polishing done?


Skin polishing, also known as microdermabrasion, is an advanced cosmetic procedure. In this procedure, a minimally abrasive instrument is used. With the help of this instrument, fine crystals are sprayed on the face. The affected upper layer of the skin and all the deal skin cells are removed through exfoliation. As a result, the skin looks fresh, even-toned, and bright after the treatment.

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What are the benefits and applications of chemical peels in addressing various skin concerns?


Chemical peels treatment is an easy and effective way to target your specific concerns and to achieve bright, beautiful skin. In this treatment, chemical peels are used on the skin. These chemical peels have various skin-friendly and effective chemicals, fruit acids, and other substances in them in a concentrated form. These peels deal with uneven skin tone, dullness, darkening, acne, acne scars, and such other various skin issues.

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What is the laser treatment performed at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, and how is it performed?


What Is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is an effective way to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles, dark spots, and other signs of sun damage. Laser treatment is a very effective treatment as its focus and energy level can be controlled and used according to the patient’s requirements.

What Laser Treatment Is Performed at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara?

At NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara, we use highly effective and advanced ‘Q Switch Nd: Yag Machine’ which uses novel laser technology to give you amazing and natural results. This laser treatment is used to target and break down pigmentation, dark spots, and freckles, to lighten the skin visibly.

How Is This Treatment Performed at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara?

  • Q Switch Nd: Yag works on the principle of shooting short pulsating beams of laser which have proven to be highly useful in targeting all of the above issues and restoring smooth and spotless skin.
  • Dr. Krishi Mandaliya will apply a topical anesthetic to the affected area. This will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. You will also be given protective eyewear.
  • Dr. Krishi Mandaliya will then target the laser on the area to be treated. A little discomfort is common during the treatment; however, Dr. Krishi Mandaliya diligently works to ensure your maximum comfort.

What To Expect From Laser Treatment?

This treatment provides amazing and long-lasting results as the laser beam penetrates deep into the skin where other products and peels cannot reach and along with breaking down the pigmentation or dark spots, it also provides a soft and smooth texture to the skin.

It is a safe treatment and delivers promised results; however, the required sessions or the period of the time might vary from person to person. As there is no recovery period, you can immediately return to your daily life after the treatment.

What is glutathione injection therapy and who can receive this treatment?


What Is Glutathione Injection Therapy?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and a natural compound found in our body that fights free radicals and removes toxins. Glutathione is considered an effective skin lightening agent as well as it also helps to reduce signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess of the skin. Taking glutathione orally may not be as effective as injecting it into the body as oral consumption of glutathione is absorbed by the digestive system and may not be as beneficial as injecting it into the body.

Who Can Receive Glutathione Injection Therapy ?

  • Anyone who wants to achieve clear, bright, and beautiful skin can opt for this treatment.
  • As glutathione also fights signs of aging, this treatment is a good option for anyone who is looking for a treatment to reduce the signs of aging.

What To Expect Before The Glutathione Injection Therapy ?

  • The doctor may ask you for your medical history, current medication you take, and other such information related to your health to avoid any complications and risks.
  • The pictures may be taken for comparison purposes and medical records.
  • Any specific guidelines will be provided by the doctor before the therapy.

What Is The Procedure For Glutathione Injection Therapy?

The procedure of getting a glutathione injection is similar to any other getting a vaccine or a shot. However, it is advisable to get this treatment done by a professional as the only required dose of glutathione is to be injected into the body to avoid any side-effects or complications.

What Are The Risks Associated With Glutathione Injection Therapy?

Bruising, scarring, and bleeding may occur during this treatment like any other. You may feel body aches, nausea, headaches, rapid detoxification after the treatment.

What To Expect From This Treatment?

There is no such thing as a recovery period for this treatment. You can resume your normal schedule post-treatment. You will be able to see changes or results after each session and the number of sessions will be decided by the doctor depending upon your requirements and expectations from this treatment.

What is Juvederm Volite and how does it work?


Juvederm Volite is a sterile pyrogen-free physiological solution of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid, a gel that is injected into the body. This is an injectable treatment. Volite is injected into the middle layer of the dermis (skin) on required sites and due to hyaluronic acid, you can see immediate and effective results on the same.

As Juvederm Volite is rich in hyaluronic acid or HA, it restores all the moisture and water content to the skin and hydrates it properly. Due to its high HA content, Juvederm Volite not only hydrates, moisturizes, and gives a new shine to the skin, but also fights signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and stimulates collagen production, increases elasticity, and gives youthful-looking skin with a soft and smooth texture.

What To Expect Before The Treatment?

  • You need to be prepared to discuss your medical history as well as any medications you are taking and other such health-related information.
  • The doctor will provide specific guidelines regarding smoking, drinking, eating, and medications before the treatment.

What Is The Procedure For Juvederm Volite?

The procedure of getting a Juvederm Volite injection is similar to any other getting a vaccine or a shot. However, it is advisable to get this treatment in a medical environment by a professional.

How Is The Recovery After Juvederm Volite?

  1. You may experience bruising, swelling, redness, and tenderness post-treatment which will subside after a few days.
  2. The doctor will provide you instructions about food intake, drinking, and smoking.
  3. You will be asked to avoid strenuous physical activities for 2-3 days after the treatment.
  4. It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure, saunas, cold and freezing temperatures post-treatment for a few days.
  5. You may not be able to apply makeup for a few hours after the treatment.

What To Expect From This Treatment?

You will see immediate and visible results after the treatment. However, this treatment does not give permanent results. So, as per your needs and expectations, the doctor will schedule your sessions and decide the period of your treatment.

Juvederm Volite treatment is suitable for all ages, skin types; also, along with the face, neck, lower neckline, and the back of hands can be treated with Juvederm Volite.

You can choose any of the above treatments as per your needs and requirements. All of these treatments are provided at NVYA Aesthetics, Vadodara by experienced professionals and experts to tackle your skin problems and give you desired results.

In case, you have queries regarding this or any other procedures, we welcome you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Krishi Mandaliya at NVYA Aesthetics in Vadodara where she will expertly guide you on the matter.

What Is The After-Care Of Microdermabrasion?


Generally, Microdermabrasion does not lead to any sequelae. It can produce mild redness in sensitive skin. This will disappear in 2 days time.

Patients can resume their daily activities immediately. However, one has to avoid exposure to direct sun or should use sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or more.

When Can I Attend Parties After A Session?


Though most patients do not develop redness, we recommend a session 2-3 days before an important event.

What Are The Risks Associated With Microdermabrasion?


Here are some of the rare risks associated with microdermabrasion:

  • Scarring
  • Poor Healing
  • Redness of the skin
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Undesirable results Utmost care must be taken at all times in order to stop these risks from turning into a reality.

If you are wondering whether or not you are an ideal candidate for microdermabrasion, we invite you for a consultation with Dr. Krishi Mandaliya at NVYA Aesthetics in Vadodara where she will provide you with his expert guidance.

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If you are wondering whether or not you are an ideal candidate for Skin Brightening, we invite you for a consultation with Dr. Krishi Mandaliya at NVYA Aesthetics in Vadodara where she will provide you with his expert guidance.

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