Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of an Aesthetic Doctor

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of an Aesthetic Doctor

As an Aesthetic Doctor and Skin Expert, I’m deeply attuned to the transformative power of skincare and self-care. In my journey of guiding individuals toward radiance and confidence, I’ve come to understand that beyond clinical expertise lies the foundation of connection. Just as in any meaningful relationship, I believe in the importance of openness, communication, and shared experiences.

This blog is an invitation to step into my world, where science meets artistry, and where skincare goes hand in hand with inner well-being. Beyond the qualifications that adorn my professional profile, I want you to know me on a personal level – to understand the values that drive me, the routines that sustain me, and the commitment that defines my interactions with every patient.

Join me as we delve into the heart of skincare, unveiling the secrets to maintaining healthy skin, fostering balanced living, and creating a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering the remarkable synergy between science, self-care, and the pursuit of confidence.

Welcome to a world where beauty is more than skin deep, and where the canvas of skincare reflects the art of living with radiance.

Glimpse Into My Daily Routine

Every day begins with a commitment to health, beauty, and balance. As an Aesthetic Doctor and Skin Expert at Nvya Aesthetics, I’m not only dedicated to enhancing your skin but also to practicing what I preach. Join me as I unveil the details of my daily routine that help me stay energized, focused, and connected to my passion for skincare.

Early mornings are my secret to kick-starting a vibrant day. As the sun begins to rise, I embrace the fresh energy by washing my face with Ahaglow S Face Wash and applying an ice roller on my face. This simple yet essential step purifies my skin and awakens my senses, laying the foundation for a glowing canvas.

Stepping into the day, I have a ritual that sets the tone for positivity. A cup of masala chai, blended with the warmth of brown sugar, is not just a beverage but a moment of tranquillity. This aromatic elixir becomes my companion, infusing me with a sense of calm and preparation for the day’s endeavours.

Embracing holistic wellness, my husband and I engage in workouts together. Our joint commitment to physical activity not only fosters our fitness but also strengthens our bond. It’s a reminder that self-care isn’t just about appearance but also about nurturing the body and mind as a whole. If I don’t have time to exercise in my busy schedule, I tend to take 15-minute walks with music after dinner. Walking with music is like meditation to me, I tend to enjoy that time a lot for myself.

Post-workout, hydration takes centre stage. Fast&Up Vitamin C and a multivitamin tablet, accompanied by a glass of water, replenish my body’s vitality. Throughout the day, I prioritize hydration with water and the rejuvenating touch of green tea. This consistent hydration ritual maintains my skin’s natural radiance. My go-to drinks every day for the clinic are a bottle of water and green tea. I tend to drink 2-3 cups of green tea throughout the day. I carry a travel mug of green tea wherever I go.

Facing the world with confidence requires adequate protection. Before stepping out, I layer on sunscreen to shield my skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This small but powerful step safeguards my skin’s health and preserves its youthful glow. I try to wash my face 2-3 times a day because I have oily skin. If I am unable to wash it, I wipe it with ZO skin complexion renewal pads. Every night after washing my face I use RetiBRIGHT night cream.

I have early dinners and avoid eating anything 2-3 hours before bed. My meals are always home-cooked food and very basic. For breakfast, I tend to include more pulses and one glass of vegetable juice with any three vegetables available at my house. For lunch, I have some Gujarati vegetables with roti, dal, curd and salad. I don’t have a fixed menu for dinners, they are the only meals where we experiment with different varieties of food. These routines help me a lot to maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy skin and body.

The Professional Journey

My journey in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine has been a culmination of passion, education, and unwavering dedication. It all began during my college days at DY Patil Medical College in Navi Mumbai. As fate would have it, I was simultaneously undergoing laser hair removal treatment for my face and underarms. This personal experience ignited a spark within me, driving me to explore this fascinating field further.

The seeds of curiosity planted during my college years grew into a steadfast determination to make a difference. After completing my MBBS, I delved deeper into my fascination by pursuing a postgraduation MSc in Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine from Manchester University. This academic journey provided me with comprehensive insights into noninvasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Within the realm of aesthetic medicine, certain aspects intrigued me more than others. Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers held a particular fascination. These treatments, while cosmetic, could significantly enhance individuals' self-esteem and confidence. Armed with knowledge and an eagerness to make a tangible impact, I embarked on a practical learning journey.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Hiren Bhatt at Nishtha Clinic, I underwent rigorous training for over a year. This hands-on experience allowed me to refine my skills and gain insights into various cosmetic procedures. The journey was transformative, and I am grateful for every opportunity that contributed to my growth.

Through each step of my professional journey, one dream remained constant that is to establish a clinic that epitomizes excellence in cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries. This dream found its realization in Nvya Aesthetics. Located in Vadodara, Nvya Aesthetics stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking top-tier cosmetic care.

Nvya Aesthetics is more than just a clinic; it’s a testament to the power of dreams and dedication. Every treatment offered at Nvya is backed by years of education, practical experience, and an unyielding commitment to patient satisfaction. My vision is to create a haven where individuals can confidently embark on their aesthetic journeys, knowing that they are in safe, skilled hands.

The Art of Empowerment

Guiding patients on their skincare journey is both a privilege and a responsibility. I ensure that patients are well-informed about their chosen treatments, from benefits to potential side effects. Empowered with knowledge, they become active participants in their transformational experiences.

To empower them I explain the procedure in detail, give reading materials relating to it, and show pre and post-photographs of other patients. Also, before continuing with any treatment, I try to do a patch test just to confirm that the patient is not allergic to it. Also, I inform them about any side effects they might notice, in advance.

In the realm of procedures, precision is paramount. I believe in thorough discussions, obtaining patient consent, and capturing before-procedure photographs. This meticulous approach ensures a clear roadmap for progress and a comprehensive understanding of the journey ahead.

A Typical Day at the Clinic

My day at the clinic usually starts around 11:30 a.m. Upon arrival, I review the day’s patient schedule, including consultations, procedures, and follow-ups. Meeting durations vary, from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the purpose. For new patients, I gather comprehensive information via a history form, ensuring accurate records.

Procedures involve detailed discussions about the chosen approach, potential effects, and side effects. Consent is obtained, alongside ‘before’ photographs. I meticulously update patient files with diagnoses, treatments, and procedure specifics, including ‘before’ and ‘after’ images and videos. Post-procedure, I schedule follow-up appointments after 3-4 days, either in person or via video consultation. While most patients come by appointment, walk-ins seeking specific treatments are accommodated promptly. Addressing their queries promptly is crucial, as curiosity is fleeting.

Amidst patient care, I take brief breaks for tea, green tea, or fruits, adhering to the patient’s schedule. And as the day concludes, administrative tasks ensure a well-organized clinic.

Maintaining a dynamic and efficient routine allows me to focus on patient care and ensure a seamless experience throughout their journey at the clinic. One thing I feel like telling you is that before any procedure, I dedicate two minutes to revisiting the relevant information, even if it’s a procedure I perform regularly. This practice serves as a mental refresher, enabling me to thoroughly assess the forthcoming process when interacting with the patient. This routine not only rejuvenates my understanding but also safeguards against potential complications, ensuring each procedure is executed with precision and care.

How I Maintain Harmony Between Work and Life

Balancing professional commitments with personal well-being is an art that I prioritize. After 7:30 PM, I transition into cherished family time, reserving evenings for loved ones. Sundays are a sanctuary for self-care and relaxation—a reminder that maintaining equilibrium nurtures both body and soul. I spend time watching my favourite shows on Netflix, going for coffee or lunch with my husband, going out with my friends or spending some time with my parents and doing some self-care.

How I Embrace the Quest for Knowledge

In the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine, knowledge is ever-evolving. I read aesthetic medicine magazines, attend workshops, and actively converse with peers to stay abreast of advancements. I’ve subscribed to some websites too which send me updates every week regarding new advancements. Continuous learning ensures that my patients receive the utmost care through cutting-edge treatments.

Apart from this, I try to attend the workshops and exhibitions held in my field to learn about new machines, medicines, and anti-ageing products available in the market, and more importantly to know which method of treatment is effective for what indications and what are the side effects faced by the patients.

I make it a point to engage in monthly conversations with colleagues in my field. These discussions serve as a means to stay connected, sharing our distinctive experiences to foster mutual learning. Seeking wisdom from senior doctors is a practice I hold dear. Their seasoned experience often guides us toward making the right decisions and imparts fresh insights that contribute to our continuous growth.

My journey is characterized by an unwavering commitment to patient well-being. Each day, I strive to provide ethical, safe, and transformative treatments. Through open communication, empathetic understanding, and tailored solutions, my goal is to enhance both outer radiance and inner confidence.

As the sun sets on another day, I reflect on the lives touched and the positive impact achieved. The challenges and triumphs remind me of the privilege of being a healer. Each interaction reaffirms my dedication to this transformative path.

To those aspiring to embark on a journey in dermatology, remember that knowledge is your most powerful tool. With dedication and curiosity, you can sculpt a path of innovation and compassion, transforming lives through skincare.

In the realm of skincare, science harmonizes with artistry. As an Aesthetic Doctor and Skin Expert at Nvya Aesthetics, I’m humbled to be part of this profound journey. The pursuit of radiant skin isn’t merely about appearance—it’s a testament to embracing individuality and radiating confidence from within.

Dr. Krishi Mandaliya
Dr. Krishi Mandaliya

About the author

Dr. Krishi Mandaliya is a highly skilled Aesthetic Doctor and Skin Expert. She holds an MBBS degree, a Post Graduation Diploma in Cosmetic Dermatology and has done MSc in skin ageing and aesthetic medicine from Manchester University. She has been training in this field for more than 2 years. Passionate about incorporating innovative techniques and advanced technology, she exclusively focuses on cosmetic medication, delivering long-lasting results to her patients.

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